Players who desire to play at the Transitional, Minor, Junior or Senior level need to participate in the assessment process:

  • To Assist each player in determining which skill level they should play in,

  • To assist the coaches in seeing which skill level their players should compete and

  • To expose coaches to players they have never seen before.

Players are assessed by High School Staff, not JBO board members or coaches.

Federal Teams are chosen by the High School staff, while National & American teams are chosen by draft once those level players are decided by high school staff. The High School staff is given a list of numbers that represent each registered player.  They are not at any time given a list of player names during the assessment process.

Potential JBO coaches are given a list of player names and numbers in order to help them choose the players they would like to select during the draft process. At no time do these potential coaches assist with the assessment of players..


Interested in coaching or assisting???

Coaches Applications available under handouts to the left of the page.  


Assessments will be held April 10-11