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March 15th at Clackamas High School East Gym (Corner of 132nd and Summers Lane)

Players will be asked to attend a time by last name:

A - I 1:00 pm J - Q 1:45pm R - Z 2:15pm All players must provide proof of grade to be eligible to tryout.  Proof of grade can be emailed to

March 15 Running of the bulls ---North Marion Highschool

April 1 Mandatory Coaches Meeting ---Gladstone Highschool

April 5 Mandatory Coaches Meeting with High School Staff---Clackamas High School

There are new Catcher Gear and batting helmet requirements for all JBO (3rd - 8th grade) players. The rule from the state JBO board is as follows; NOCSAE batting helmets are to be worn by all batters and runners in all leagues. All catchers must wear NOCSAE standard catcher's head and face protection with full ear and throat protection, body/chest protector that meets the NOCSAE standard (effective Jan 1, 2021), protector cup and baseball protective shin guards during warm-ups and during games in all leagues. Catchers will follow all high school rules for equipment.

Every Pro was once an Amateur.  Every expert was once a beginner.  So Dream big and start now!

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