Become A Clackamas Jr. Baseball Sponsor


The youth baseball season is upon us and we are in the process of preparing over 400 participants to play baseball.  As a non-profit association, we try to keep registration fees to a minimum and we even offer scholarships for those who can’t afford to pay.  Our funds go to providing safe and proper equipment, safe ball fields to play on, and uniforms for all the teams.  However, it never seems to be enough and we look to local businesses and individuals to help fill the void with tax-deductible donations.


Out of each donation, $25.00 or 10% (the higher amount) goes to the league and the remainder goes to the teams(s) that solicited the donation.  For example, out of a $250.00 donation, the league would get $25.00 and the team would get $225.00 to use towards equipment, uniforms or tournaments.


You may print off and complete this form under the handouts section to the left, or simply click the donate now tab below.  Be sure to list the head coach of the team you with to support!


Thanks for supporting Clackamas Junior Baseball