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Transitional division is for players in 2nd grade. Players will need to attend an assessment for team placement. Advanced 1st graders who do not wish to play a second year of T-ball may also attend the assessment. If coaches feel skills meet requirements and space allows, they may be placed on a transitional team. 

A team jersey and league hat will be issued to each player. Parents are responsible for purchasing gray pants, socks and belt, along with a glove, helmet and bat. A cup is recommended for this age, and is required for players who wish to catch. 

There will be a mix of player/coach pitch and machine pitch. 

  1. Field Dimensions shall be 40ft (pitching distance) / 60ft (base distance)

  2. All games will be held at Happy Valley Middle School Fields

  3. Team listed second on schedule is visiting team. (Third base dugout)

  4. Visitors are to bat first.

  5. Each inning consists of 3 outs.

  6. Games should consist of 5 Innings.

  7. No new inning should start after 2 hours .                             

  8. Teams must bat the entire team line-up in a batting order.

  9. No stealing or leading off.

  10. Over throws. Runner is allowed to advance one base on an over throw  (ONLY 1 overthrow per play which means the play is effectively dead).

  11. No bunting.

  12. There will be a five run limit per inning with the final inning open.

  13. Pitcher shall not pitch more than 2 innings in a game.

  14. One pitch constitutes Inning.

  15. Any pitcher that hits three batters in a game should be replaced.

  16. Coaches are encouraged to remove any pitcher that has hit two batters especially those pitchers who pitch at a higher velocity.

  17. The batters coach shall call balls and strikes.

  18. After four called balls, the batting players coach shall act as the pitcher.

  19. The count should continue, third strike batter is out.

  20. Coach that becomes the pitcher must throw over hand from pitching rubber.

  21. No walks are allowed.

  22. Third strike, player is out even if catcher drops the ball.

  23. All players shall play at least 6 defense outs.

  24. A tenth or eleventh player may play in the outfield (never infield) to avoid sitting.

  25. All ties go the runner. Any close ties go the runner (keep it fun)

  26. All teams shall play a minimum of 10 games.

  27. The schedule should be set for approx. 12-15 games

  28. The season shall end the week school is out for the summer

  29. All players must play at least one inning in the infield every game.

2022 TRANSITIONAL RULES – Machine Pitch

  1. To improve the playing experience for all Transitional level players Clackamas Jr. Baseball utilizes the use of an electronic pitching machine.  The schedule will be set to attempt to allow each team to have one game of each format per week.  Coaches are encouraged to utilize the pitching machine during their allotted practice times. Player/Coach pitch rules still apply unless stated otherwise below.

  2. The home team coach will be responsible for setting up and taking down the machine on game days.

  3. Game rules will be amended as follows and the player pitch rules will apply where not specifically modified below.

  4. Coaches and players will not pitch during these games.

  5. The batters coach shall feed the machine and call balls/strikes.

  6. The coach feeding the machine shall show the ball to the batter prior to feeding the machine.

  7. Players will never feed the pitching machine under any circumstance as to avoid possible injury.   Additionally, coaches shall attempt to keep kids away from the machine at all times.

  8. The pitcher position will start from a pre-designated safe position on the field that will be to the side and slightly forward of the coach / machine operator.  The pitcher position is intended to be as close as is safely practical to the mound.

  9. If a batted ball comes into contact with the pitching machine it shall result in a dead ball and base hit (single).  Runners shall advance appropriately (1 base).

  10. There are no walks so the batter will hit or strike out.  It should be the goal to allow no more than 6 pitches per at bat (not to include truly errant pitches by the machine or foul balls).  At bats will not end with a foul ball unless the defensive team catches the ball.

  11. To encourage hitting, kids who have not extinguished their 6 pitches shall not be struck out by watching a third strike.  If they watch the 6th pitch for a strike then this does not apply.

  12. All Machine pitch practice and games will be held at Happy Valley MS  - North Field.

  13. Practice schedules will attempt to allow 1 practice per team per week to be held on the North Field in order to utilize the pitching machine.

  14. There will be a pre-determined speed for the machine that coaches will agree upon prior to the game.  This speed should be consistent amongst all participating coaches in the league and will be set in the coming weeks. (Recommended Game speed 34MPH)

  15. In the case of a machine malfunction or weather conditions (rain) all games will immediately switch to the traditional player / coach pitch 

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